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We deliver targeted audience to content-oriented websites at affordable price.

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We help you sell products & services. The most cost-effective advertising solution.


Real time stats, geo, device and content targeting.

Our main customers are large blogs and websites


Katrina from bona-fide-skincare.com

“I've put the code on my site, and have to say I love it already. It's exceeded my expectations and looks wonderful. Thank you again, what a great service. I'm so excited about this.”

Cesar from InsolitoNoticias.com

“If somebody asks me what is Nster I’ll say that it’s a huge community of websites where everyone works together and helps each other to grow. Over the May 2013, Nster gave me 20% of my total traffic which is 45,000 visitors.”

Alan from Daily Squib

“Daily Squib received partnership offer from Nster and decided to sign up for an exchange program. We were supposed to get 150% traffic in return, but surprisingly we`ve got even more. Sometimes the return reaches more than 500%! Managers are always willing to help. And this is absolutely free! Good job, Nster team!”

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Information about Service

Nster — teaser network with more than a million of active users. Our system has been made for direct advertising, selling goods, services, and gaining additional traffic to your website or blog at affordable price. To start advertising please sign up at Business.nster.com/register. Upon registration you will be able to create an ad.

How to make a right ad?

1. If your goal is to buy traffic, your ads has to be written in informative style. Pay attention to the images in the ads header - they have to grab readers' attention right away. In case of correctly composed ad you will be able to buy traffic in our network starting from as little as $0,02 CPC.

2. If advertiser has a need in selling certain product or service, his ad has to be made in accordance to the direct advertising principles. In header and description you have to highlight major benefits of your offer and state the location where your offer is valid. Average CPC for this type of ad starts from as little as $0,04.

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